We are the 99%

Posted: October 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

This Saturday people in Edmonton will join a global movement of people pushing for a better world and we want you to join us.

What began with a few people setting up tents in Wall Street’s Financial District in New York City has ballooned into a movement of thousands. 100’s of cities in the United States have set-up camps and on Saturday, October 15th 1400+ cities across Canada and across the globe will join them.

Corporate greed is killing us! Corporations are infecting our political institutions, dictating public policy and decimating the environment. The system we live in continues to put a hunger for profits above the health and well being of our communities and that needs to stop. The system is broken so we are joining with communities and movements around the world to demand and build the change.

We want a system that works for and not against the 99% of us and on October 15th we will take one step closer to that goal.

Saturday, October 15th
12:00 p.m.
Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta

Peaceful rally and march followed by a General Assembly meeting to discuss a longer-term encampment. Please bring signs and your dreams and desires for a better, more just world.

For more information contact: oc.yeg.info@gmail.com or visit the website: http://occupyedmonton.org/


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